Now Is The Time To Protect Your Humboldt County Home From Termites


When Are Termites Active In California?

Termites are well-known in California for their destructive behaviors. And here in Humboldt County, California, we have high temperatures all year-round which allows termites to continue damaging homes to their heart’s content, all year long! And though drywood termites and subterranean termites are the most common termite species found invading homes in our area, both Formosan termites and dampwood termites have also been discovered infesting homes and businesses in California as well.

What Encourages Termite Activity?

Heavy rainfall, warm weather, and humidity are all factors that can encourage termite activity, and more termite activity means more mature colonies appearing on your property. This creates a large number of termite swarmers throughout the year that will attempt to spread out and create new colonies within close proximity to their old nesting sites. Some Humboldt homeowners may be dealing with more than one termite colony on their property due to the perfect year-round temperatures, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars in structural repairs if the infestation is not identified in its early stages.

Do I Have Termites In My Home?

Warning signs of termites in your California home include:

  • Discarded wings. Reproductive termites discard their wings when they have found a good location to start tunneling into. Often, these wings can be found around the exterior walls of your home, on window sills, and in door openings.

  • Frass. Termite frass is pushed out of entrance tunnels. These piles of sawdust-like waste are an unmistakable sign of termites in your California home.

  • Sticking windows. Some homeowners mistake termite damage for an old house settling. When termites tunnel through the wood of a window frame, it can cause bowing or warping of the wood, which makes the windows seem to stick.

  • Wooden surface blisters. Termites create tunnels. Sometimes, when these tunnels are close to the surface, you can see blistering in the wood that has been infested.

  • Winged reproductives. These termites are commonly referred to as swarmers. Termite swarms only exist when a previous termite colony has reached full maturity. These reproductives are tasked with furthering the spread of their species.

Why Professional Termite Control Works Every Time

There's no better time to contact a termite control professional than right now! Whether you currently have a termite infestation or would like to prevent termites from invading your Humboldt County residence, Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions is here to help! Our professionals are highly-trained in inspecting and treating homes for termites!

Here at Accurate, our termite services include:

  • A thorough inspection

  • Quick identification

  • Effective treatment options focused solely on the needs of your home.

If termites are damaging the integrity of your home, or if you’d like to know more about our termite treatment process, contact us at Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions!