Tips For Eureka Homeowners To Prevent Ants

ants crawling out of a rock crevice

Ants always present a potential problem here in California, but as the days grow even warmer and longer, their threat grows considerably.

Unlike a lot of common pests, ants hibernate for the winter due to low temperatures. They eat large quantities of rich foods at the end of the fall season to survive freezing weather. By the time the winter season strikes, the ants have bedded down until warmer weather returns.

The arrival of spring warmth is a wake-up call for hibernating ants. Ant activity is based mainly on weather and rising temperatures. These conditions cause their metabolisms to speed up again, sending them back onto your property to look for food.

In the Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, there are three different kinds of ants commonly found in yards and houses. Ranging from 1/16 to 1/2-inch-long, ants crawl in long trains to search for food, making them a formidable pest to exterminate.

Read on to discover some of the best methods to banish ants from your home and lawn.

Lawn Maintenance

The bulk of ant prevention begins in the yard. Ants are hunters and foragers, which means they both actively scavenge for food and hunt for smaller creatures. The presence of any readily accessible food source, whether in your home or yard, will bring swarms of ants. Keep trash cans and other yard waste containers adequately sealed. Keep compost piles or other decomposing organic matter away from the areas close to your house. Also, many food items, inedible for humans, are large ant attractants. Address your yard accordingly.

The presence of moisture is another major draw for ant colonies. Long-standing puddles or old flower pots filled with water provide drinking sources that sustain large ant populations. If there is already an infestation on your property, standing water can make the matter worse. Check your lawn often for water build-up or wet wood that may pose a threat.

Check your property for anthills and other suspicious mounds regularly. Using substances such as diatomaceous earth or hot water can quickly kill a colony but, be warned, these methods will provoke any ants, not destroyed, to attack.

Home Care

Keeping ants out of your home during warmer months is a constant battle. Keep foods and sweets in closed, sealed containers. Be sure to wipe down all dishes before putting them away, as the moisture may bring unwanted guests. Ants will not stop foraging for food or water until the source is either depleted entirely or removed. Properly maintaining your food preparation area is the first line of defense against an infestation. Wipe down used surfaces that have accumulated crumbs or smears. Food sources that seem minuscule to humans can be a feast for an ant colony.

For general home care, running dehumidifiers in the humid areas of your home is another method of ant prevention. For large scale leaks or rot issues, you may need professional help. Take some time to check doors and other openings for cracks or broken seals. Spring is an excellent time to re-caulk or re-seal any potential ant entry points around your home.

Thinking Outside the Box

The use of ant bait as a Trojan horse is an effective DIY method. Drop small, poisonous pellets that seem like food around active areas. Ants will soon begin towing the pellets home to the rest of their colony. Large ant populations will be exterminated within a matter of days.

Ants find food through scent trails, which create a mental map of food locations. These scent trails form the 'tracks' of ant trains; long lines of ants whose job it is to retrieve and deliver food to the rest of the colony. Once ants begin appearing in your home, it won't be long before the problem develops into an infestation. Disrupting scent trails with a mixture of water and vinegar may confuse the invaders and send them home.

Choose the Accurate Way

Ants are resilient creatures, and they find ways to avoid even the keenest eye. Without reliable pest control services, ant infestations can pop up in your home or yard without warning. If you begin to notice signs of an ant infestation, contact us at Accurate Pest Solutions.

Our reliable and professional staff members offer thorough inspections and quality treatments that leave your home safe from pests year-round. We are pest control that will always put your needs first.