Preventing Rodent Guests This Winter

rat on top of bread with sesame seeds

You feel the cool breeze of fall and you know what that means. Winter's coming. Your belly grumbles and one thought plagues your mind. Where will I find shelter and food? Senses on full alert, you begin your search, crawling through fences, under some kid's toys and yard clutter, and around a shed. You end up next to a big wall. Through a small hole, you feel warmth--and smell food. The hole couldn’t be bigger than the size of a dime, but you make it through, only to find a cluster of rubber-coated wires blocking your path. But you chew right through them, then through the wall. After filling your belly with some chocolate cake you find on the counter, you squeeze back into the wall and begin searching for a place to build a nest...

If you haven’t guessed by now, the subject in this story is a mouse, a tiny, cute, but extremely frustrating pest to deal with in a home. Just like other rodents, mice squeeze in or sometimes chew their way into homes around this of the year, bringing sickness and property damage, definitely not a guest you want around through the winter.

Four Ways To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home

  1. Search around the base of your home for holes, gaps, or cracks rodents might be able to use to get inside. Seal smaller holes by filling them with wire mesh and covering it over with caulk. For larger entry points, heavier repairs may be needed.
  2. Reduce moisture inside your home. This can be done by fixing leaky pipes and making sure your gutters are all in good working condition.
  3. As much as possible keep clutter in and around your home to a minimum. The fewer places rodents have to hide, the better.
  4. Eliminate food sources by removing fallen fruits and vegetables, cleaning up after cookouts, and not leaving pet food outside. Clean regularly. Store leftover foods in airtight containers. Make sure trashcans are sealed tight. Store boxed foods in plastic containers. Pick up pet food after they are done eating.

These steps can produce a different story: You feel the cold breezes... and find a big wall. You explore the wall and find it sealed uptight. There is no food outside the wall so you move on, across the yard toward another big wall...

When To Call In The Professionals

Following the above steps will give you the best chance to avoid a rodent infestation this winter. But if rodents do manage to get inside, the experts here at Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions are here to help. Our team has the tools and experience needed to quickly and efficiently handle rodent infestations of any size. If you are interested in learning more about our services or need immediate assistance for your home, feel free to contact us today.