How To Keep Problematic Wasps Away From Your Eureka Property

active wasp nest

When it comes to wasps, there's a prevalent attitude that if you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. But that's rarely the case; once a wasp nest shows up on your property, you're at risk of being attacked should the colony deem you a threat. Thankfully, you can avoid this by keeping wasps away from your Eureka lawn entirely--but how do you do that?

Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions is the leader in wasp nest removal in Eureka, and we want to share our tips with you. Below you'll find all sorts of info about wasps, including ways to keep them away from your lawn. Keep reading to discover these tricks, and reach out to Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions for the best pest control in Eureka.

Characteristics Of Common Wasps

Wasp identification can be tricky, given how many visual characteristics they share with bees. However, the most prominent trait many types of wasps have in common that bees don't have lies in their waist: wasps have narrow waists that appear to pinch just above the thorax. Common wasps also lack the fuzziness of bees.

If you're observing wasps, you'll notice they have different behaviors, too. They are highly territorial and will act aggressively toward anything they perceive as a threat in their territory. Whereas bees will generally stick close to the hive, wasps will travel longer distances to attack threats.

Whether you have wasps or some other stinging insect on your property, you can count on Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions to get to the bottom. Our team performs comprehensive inspections inside and outside your home to uncover precisely what you're dealing with. Our work is backed by a pest-free guarantee, meaning we'll retreat you home if pests return following treatment.

The Potential Dangers Of A Wasp Infestation

So why is professional wasp removal so necessary? We cannot stress their territorial nature enough. Not only are they aggressive, but they call on other colony members to join in.

What's more, wasps can also sting multiple times in a row. One sting is painful enough, but they can go on and on, attacking in rapid succession. Wasp attacks can rapidly escalate.

What's more, wasp stings can cause severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening. And those who don't have an allergy can develop one following a sting, putting them in greater danger in the future.

Given these facts, doesn't it make more sense to rely on a professional wasp removal service in Eureka to get the job done for you? Let Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions technicians handle the problem instead of taking on the risk yourself. Our training and tools will keep everyone safe when dealing with dangerous pests.

Five Environmentally Friendly Wasp Prevention Tips

You're in luck if you want to protect your home against wasps. There are plenty of wasp prevention tips you can follow that are both eco-friendly and inexpensive. Here are five:

  1. Make sure you've cleaned up any food and drinks you enjoy outside to avoid attracting wasps.
  2. If you've found a place where wasps have made a nest previously, like in a stump, remove it if possible.
  3. Hang fake wasp nests on your property.
  4. Fill any hole in your yard to prevent wasps from building nests underground.
  5. Keep your trash cans sealed tight so the garbage doesn't lure them in.

Contact Us For The Best Wasp Control For Your Yard

There's no way to share your yard with wasps safely. Also, there is simply no way to tell what they think is their territory, no prominent border between yours and theirs. So that's why you need professional help to get rid of them for good.

Let our licensed crew at Absolute Termite & Pest Control do the hard work for you. With our customer-first philosophy, we focus on your specific needs as we develop your treatment plan. Call us today, and we'll start the process immediately.