Answering Eureka's Most Commonly Asked Ant Control Questions


Ants are small, foraging insects known for arriving at cookouts, picnics, and other outdoor events with food. Ants have a segmented body with six legs and antennae. A group of ants is called a colony, which consists of many members that belong to several different categories or castes. Ants are incredibly strong for their size, often lifting objects that exceed their body weight.

How many species of ants exist throughout California? Data from the University of California indicates that roughly 270 different ant species exist statewide. The three primary ants in this region are Argentine ants, carpenter ants, and acrobat ants.

Are you struggling with invading ants? Speak with a local pest management expert for assistance with these unwanted pests. An experienced Eureka pest control company like Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions maintains a team of professionals that understand how to remove ants from homes.

What Do Ants In Eureka Typically Look Like?

Acrobat ants have small bodies that measure approximately 1/8 of an inch long and appear in various colors. Argentine ants have a shiny exterior that appears brown or black and measures up to ¼ of an inch long. Carpenter ants might reach lengths of ½ of an inch and appear in yellow, red, or black.

It can be difficult to discern one type from another yourself. That’s where experts like Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions can help.

Should You Kill Ants You See Inside?

Simply killing ants that you find indoors is not a viable solution, as they are usually emerging from large nests in the yard area. Ant colonies in Eureka are massive and often form long lines when moving indoors.

Contact a local pest control professional like Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions for an inspection. During this visit, the technician will identify the nest and will implement treatment options.

Six Simple Ways To Deter Ants On Your Own

Are you wondering how to stop ant infestations that often emerge and create challenges for homeowners in Eureka? Consider the following six best practices:

  • Ensure that ant trash bags in outdoor areas near the home remain in sealed garbage receptacles.
  • Clean the yard area thoroughly following picnics or barbeques, as any remnants will attract ants.
  • Fill any crevices or cracks that develop around the foundational base of the structure with sealant or caulk.
  • Repair damaged window screens and install sweeps along exterior entry doors.
  • Keep the kitchen floors swept, and countertops wiped clean
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in sinks or on counters, or put food bowls out overnight.

The following methods are viable ways of preventing ants; however, those facing an existing ant infestation should consult with a pest control company for assistance. Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions can assist you if you’re wondering how to control ants in houses and more.

How Do The Professionals Get Rid Of Ants?

What can I use to get rid of ants that are entering my home and causing frustration? Home pest control professionals understand the best remedies for existing ant infestations and also know how to keep ants out of homes.

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