Eureka Homeowners' Guide To Rat Control

big rat eating grain from a hole in a sack

Eureka, California is a beautiful place. The gorgeous ocean views, the majestic mountain scenes, and the commingling of city life with country charm makes this city a wonderful place to live. In spite of its beauty, however, it’s still plagued with an ancient pest - rats. All of us want to keep rats out of our homes, and our experts at Accurate Termite and Pest Solutions are here to help.

Two Types Of House-Invading Rats

There are two types of rats that commonly get into Eureka homes: roof rats and Norway rats. Both are rodents and both cause an abundance of problems. In spite of your best efforts, you may not be able to keep them off of your property, however, there are some measures you can take to make your property a little bit less attractive to these unwanted pests.

Roof rats are usually dark brown and are around 12 inches long from nose to tail, with the tail being longer than their body. They have pointed noses and are slimmer and smaller than Norway rats. Roof rats are great climbers, and therefore earn their name by finding their way into attics and roofs where they can chew and cause destruction with little interference.

Norway rats are a medium grey color and their bodies are slightly longer and more stout than roof rats. They have blunt noses and their bodies are longer than their tails. These rats are not great climbers, and they tend to invade houses from the ground level where they can crawl into wall voids and move about the structure.

Rats Are Dangerous

If you have rats invading your home, they are going to cause a host of problems posing threats to your home and your health.

  • Rats chew constantly to wear down their ever-growing front teeth. They can damage or destroy insulation, wooden structures, stored items, and anything else they can find. They are even known to chew on wiring or water pipes which, if undetected, can result in house fires or water damage.

  • Rats leave droppings and urine everywhere they roam. Not only do they defecate and urinate where they sleep, but they also leave droppings in kitchen drawers and cabinets and even on counter tops and pantry shelves. This can spread hazardous bacteria causing illness to those exposed.

  • Rats bring parasites into a home. When rodents get into homes, they rarely come in alone. They are usually carrying one or more types of parasites such as mites, lice, ticks or fleas. All of these come with their own problems including spreading some very serious diseases.

What Attracts Rats To Homes?

Like most pests, rats come into a structure in search of food, shelter, and water. The first step to rat prevention is to keep them away from the outside of your home. Rats are drawn to clutter, open trash cans, and standing water, so its best to avoid these attractants.

Rat Prevention Tips

Our experts at Accurate Termite and Pest Solutions believe that the best offense is a good defense. Therefore, here are some tips to keep rats away from your home:

  • Declutter your property. Remove items that rats can use as hiding places. If you cannot remove them completely, at least move them as far away from the perimeter of your home as you can. Move stacks of firewood, construction materials, discarded items, toys, etc.

  • Remove food sources. Make sure you clean up after cookouts. Pick up fallen fruits and vegetables from gardens.

  • Don’t leave pet food outside. Make sure all of your trash receptacles have tight-fitting lids.

  • Remove water sources. Fill in low-lying areas so water does not pool. Fix leaky hoses or spigots. Don’t leave pet water outside.

  • Seal up the outside of your home. Inspect your foundation, outer walls, window casings, and roof area for any gaps, cracks, or holes. Use caulking or steel wool, or other material to seal up these entry points.

If you are currently dealing with a rat infestation, prevention tips will not help solve your problem. Traps will likely help get rid of a few rats, but unfortunately, these rodents are smart and will likely catch onto your methods. Furthermore, you may trap rats scavenging your home in search of food, but their young will remain hidden in your walls, and, without a food source, they will die resulting in a foul smell and unsanitary decay.

How Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions Can Help

In the end, it's best to contact a professional. Our experts at Accurate and Termite Pest Solutions will eliminate your rat problem quickly and professionally. We will inspect your property and work with you and your schedule to come up with a plan to eradicate these unwanted pests. Contact us today!