Why German Cockroaches Love Eureka Restaurants

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Why do people go out to eat? Sometimes it is to treat themselves after a long workweek. Other times it is to celebrate a special occasion. Regardless of what the reason is, one thing is true. Most people like having someone else cook for them. It means they don’t have to go to the store to find all the right ingredients, and then spend hours in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove. A trip to a restaurant is simple. All a person has to do is show up. And it's the same story for cockroaches. All they have to do is show up in your restaurant and wait for someone to drop some food. Of course, cockroaches are not the only pest threatening your restaurant, but they are on the top of the list of pests that could get you shut down. Let’s talk about that.

What A Cockroach Could Mean For Your Restaurant

If you know anything about sanitation guidelines, you know that having cockroaches roaming freely around your restaurant is not good for business. Even if a health inspector doesn’t find them on a scheduled visit, a customer seeing one during their meal is bad news. Studies show that 56% of diners that see a pest during their visit are likely to take that experience to the internet, and in today’s modern-day age, it only takes one Facebook post or tweet to drastically affect business. Can you imagine the effect if a known food critic were to visit your establishment and saw a cockroach? We don’t have to explain how bad it would be.

The Dangers Of Cockroaches

There are more reasons than just bad publicity to want cockroaches out of your restaurant. For one, cockroaches can get your patrons sick. Cockroaches are known to carry 33 kinds of bacteria, including Salmonella and E. coli, transmit 7 different human pathogens, and spread 6 dangerous parasitic worms. If your restaurant is their playground, these problems can be spread to your food stores, over food-preparation stations, and on the tables where your patrons eat. We assure you, a patron being hospitalized for a cockroach-caused disease is not good.

How German Cockroaches get Into Restaurants

German cockroaches can get into a restaurant in many ways. One way that is common is through deliveries. Unless your food is delivered in a refrigerated truck, there is always the chance that cockroaches can be hiding in your shipment. It is good practice to check boxes thoroughly before bringing them inside. Cockroaches can also get inside through cracks and gaps in your restaurant’s exterior foundation, through an open door or window, or through utility piping and sewer drains.

The Best Way To Avoid A Cockroach Infestation

At this point, we have established that having cockroaches in your Eureka restaurant is bad for business. What you need to know is that there is a way to keep them out. Here at Accurate Termites & Pest Solutions, we are committed to working alongside restaurant owners like you towards the shared goal of having a pest-free work environment. We are committed to finding solutions that meet your needs and keep your patrons safe.

If you would like to learn more about Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions' commercial pest control or would like to schedule a service visit for your restaurant property, reach out to us today. Let us be your best defense against pests.