What Should I Do If I've Seen Swarming Termites Around My Eureka Home?


Termites are a pest problem that can often seem like a distant concern that only happens to other people. But, this line of thinking is only logical until it’s too late. No one ever expects termites around their Eureka, California home, but nearly anyone could end up with these destructive pests.

One of the main issues with termites in Eureka is that they can be challenging to detect. However, there is a chance you’ll be able to catch an infestation early if you know about termite swarmers and termite season. In this guide, you’ll discover what termite swarms are and find out what to do if you see them around your yard or home.

Have You Seen Flying Termites Around Your Home?

Termites are active throughout the year. Unlike some pests that go dormant in the winter, termites can actively damage your property every day without stopping. Once they invade a building, they will build their nests and expand them slowly but surely. However, while termites are always active, there is a time called termite season when these pests reproduce. This usually occurs between spring and fall, when some of the termites leave the nest to find new places to create colonies.

You’re more likely to see Eureka termites during termite season than during other times of the year. And, you’re most likely to see the termite swarmers, also known as termite alates.

What Are Termite Swarmers?

Termite swarmers are just termites that reproduce. There are different termite castes inside the colonies. The worker and soldier termites don’t leave the nest, so the odds of seeing these termites are very slim. They are whitish, and they don’t have wings.

On the other hand, the termite swarmers do have wings and look similar to flying ants. They are usually dark brown or black, and their wings are long and translucent.

When these swarmers leave the nest, they do so in large groups. They will emerge and look frantically for new places to go underground to create new nests. These swarms usually last around 30 minutes before the swarmers either go back underground or die.

What Finding Termite Swarmers Means For Your Home

Termite swarmers can mean one of two things, depending on where you see them. If you notice these swarmers outside, you might not have termites inside the house; yet! However, if you see these swarmers inside your home, you probably are already experiencing an active termite infestation.

In either case, the next step is to contact the Eureka termite control experts at Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions. Termites are some of the most invasive pests, and the only truly effective way to prevent and eradicate them is with help from pest control professionals.

Call Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions For Ongoing Termite Protection In Eureka

Over time, termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the structure of your home. To save yourself a lot of stress and money, taking a preventive approach to termite control is the key. At Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions, we provide ongoing termite protection through our Eureka pest control plans. Give us a call today if you suspect you are dealing with a termite problem or want to take proactive steps to prevent them.