Help! There Are Spiders All Over My Humboldt Home

spider crawling through webby crevice

When spiders are scurrying around your home, it is quite unsettling. Spiders are known for their fast movements, unsightly webs, ability to multiply quickly, and less-than-cuddly appearance. Spiders are tricky to keep out of our Humboldt, California, homes because homes offer them access to insect prey and a dry, safe place to hide and lay their eggs.

If you would rather not share your home with spiders, Accurate Termite’s professionals are here to help. We offer reliable spider control in Humboldt that you can count on to eliminate problems with these leggy pests. Use this guide to learn more about the spiders you will likely spot in your home, helpful prevention tips, and why professional pest control is the best way to keep these arachnids at bay. 

What Kinds Of Spiders Are Commonly Found In Homes?

Several different types of spiders routinely find their way inside Humboldt homes. In general, the spiders that find their way into houses are harmless to people. Yes, spiders possess venom and, if necessary, can bite through people's skin to defend themselves from harm. However, the venom of harmless spiders like house and wolf spiders is not potent enough to cause problems in people. Yet, just because these spiders aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean we should feel obligated to share our homes with them. Spiders are outdoor pests and have no business turning our houses into their home.

Unfortunately, we must point out that our region has some dangerous spiders: black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. If you believe a dangerous spider has found its way into your home, immediately contact us so we can identify the species and remove your unwanted, potentially dangerous guests.

Five Natural Spider-Deterring Tips

To avoid issues with spiders and other common household pests, remember that the fewer entry points and less access they have to food sources, the better. Use this list of our five most helpful tips to make your property less attractive to California spiders:

  • Ensure screens are intact, weatherstripping is placed around windows and doors, and spaces around pipes and wires entering your home are sealed.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in the foundation and exterior walls of your home.
  • Reduce outdoor hiding spots that cause spiders to gather near your home by cutting back tree branches, shrubs, and other vegetation away from your house.
  • Keep outdoor lights off overnight; they attract the insects that spiders like to hunt to your home.
  • Maintain your kitchen and regularly clean your home; crumbs and other food debris attract the attention of insects that spiders like to feast upon.

For the most effective spider prevention in Humboldt, partner with us at Accurate Termite and implement regular pest control inspections and treatments. 

Why Do I Have A Spider Problem In My Home?

One of the most common reasons spiders become a problem inside our homes is the presence of insects. Spiders are predators and feed on many different kinds of insects. As spiders hunt and follow their prey, they wander indoors. While spiders don’t start their day wanting to become our roommates, once they get inside, they won’t be in any hurry to get back outside if their needs are being met. 

spider infestation is often an indicator of a widespread pest problem. If you regularly spot spiders in your home, contact us so we can create a plan of action to eliminate both the spiders and the insects that are likely attracting them to your home. 

Professional Spider Control: When To Call In The Experts

Taking precautions against spiders is vital to keeping these eight-legged pests out of your Humboldt home. However, it likely isn’t enough to completely control these unwanted pests. 

For professional spider control in Humboldt, trust us at Accurate Termite. Our professionals will perform the comprehensive services necessary to get to the root of your spider problem and offer a complete solution. We focus on our customers, offering excellent customer service, superior communication, and high-quality pest control services. Call today to learn more about the most reliable spider control and spider removal services near you!