Complete Powderpost Beetle Control For Eureka Homeowners

Powderpost Beetle Holes in wood

Bugs are interesting little creatures. One thing that makes them interesting is their vastly different diets. Some bugs eat grass, seeds, and other plants. Others consume the protein found in insects, animal carcasses, and left-out meat. Some bugs are even weirder and eat things like glue, paper, or wood. Powderpost beetles are one of these odd bugs. They consume the starches found inside certain types of wood.

If you do not like the idea of powderpost beetles chewing through your Eureka home’s structural wood, here are some things you should do to combat these bugs. For direct assistance dealing with these pests indoors, turn to your Accurate Termite experts. Let us investigate your living areas for subtle signs of these bugs and offer some quick solutions to get and keep them out.

Signs Of A Powderpost Beetle Infestation

Powderpost beetles are less likely to crawl through main living areas, like kitchens or dining rooms. They like to stay well hidden in moist areas or within structures of water-damaged wood. Common signs of powderpost beetles include pin-sized holes in the foundational wood of your home and piles of fine sawdust. A professional is able to identify more subtle clues than these.

If you would like to know if your home has an active powderpost beetle infestation, schedule an appointment with your Accurate Termite professionals. We will help you assess your risk. 

About The Damage Powderpost Beetles Can Cause

Termites are the worst wood-destroying pest here in Eureka. This is mostly to do with their colony size and the rate at which they chew through floorboards, wall joists, and beams. Powderpost beetles are less destructive but still a serious concern. These bugs invade homes during humid seasons and chew up into floors and sub-wooden structures. This damage can be hard to detect. If powderpost beetles continue to eat away at your home’s foundational wood, you might notice a visual decline in the health of your floors.

We would like to help you identify and deal with these pests before they cause too much trouble for you and your home. Here is how to get rid of powderpost beetles and some tips and tricks to keep them out.

Preventing Powderpost Beetles: Making Your Home Less Inviting

Before we talk about how to treat powderpost beetles, we want to talk about some popular methods that people use to combat these pests. Here are a few of the best prevention tips our experts have to offer.

  • Make sure your home’s exterior foundation has proper sealing.
  • Address damage to pipes and water fixtures.
  • Have your gutters cleaned at least once a year, and make sure they are in good working condition.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture build-up.
  • Repair or replace sections of your home’s wood that are moisture-damaged.

To guarantee that powderpost beetles and other common pests stay out of your home, talk with Accurate Termite about our advanced pest control plans. 

Professional Pest Control: Expert Help For Powderpost Beetle Control

Investing in professional powderpost beetle pest control is a fantastic way to combat and prevent these terrible bugs. If you are looking for field-tested pest control plans and friendly service professionals, look no further than Accurate Termite.

We have everything you need to identify, eliminate, and prevent all sorts of pests that plague homes in Eureka. Our team will schedule an appointment for you and send a dedicated pest professional your way to address the pest problems you are facing. Reach out to Accurate Termite to make an appointment for your Eureka home or if you have unanswered questions about powderpost beetles.