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a house mouse crawling through the draining whole of an upside down flowerpot in an eureka home

What Attracts Mice In Your Eureka Home?


For some people, it can be hard to consider mice as pests. After all, how can the adorable furry rodents you see running on wheels at the local pet store ever be any trouble? The reality is that mice, when contained, can be fun household pets. They do not, however, keep their “fun” appeal when they are roaming free inside your attic and wall voids.... Read More

an oriental cockroach eating crumbs off of a eureka kitchen counter top during daylight

Are Cockroaches More Of A Problem In The Summer?


Most California residents would say that finding any pests—especially cockroaches—on their property is a disturbing encounter. And not only are these creatures disturbing to see, but they are also capable of transmitting a number of dangerous bacteria, pathogens, and diseases to you or your family. ... Read More

a large swarm of termites burrowing through a wooden structure on a property in eureka california

Why Homes in Eureka, California, Need Professional Termite Protection    


You’ve put a lot of time and money into your home. Keeping your home safe should be a top priority. Unfortunately, a lot of damage can happen to your house. This includes termite damage, which is often not covered by insurance. Here are some important tips for protecting your home from termite damage and what to do when termites enter your house: Termite Season In Eureka, summer is more than... Read More

a very large colony of swarming termites infesting an Eureka home and damaging its wooden structures

Why Call Accurate For Swarming Termites In Eureka


Because termites do not commonly invade our homes in the same way that other pests do, it can be easy to miss them, even when they are right under our noses--eating away at our investments. However, once or twice a year, termites become much easier to spot.... Read More

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