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The Ultimate Ant Prevention Guide For Eureka Property Owners


Whether they’re the kind that forage for food or the kind that damage your property, ants are no fun to have around. These invasive pests are incredibly common for property owners to come across, and knowing how to spot the signs and act fast will help you keep your home or business ant-free. ... Read More

cockroach crawling on wood

The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Your Humboldt County Home


Cockroaches aren’t a pest you should try to handle all on your own. Not only can household prevention only get you so far, but unproven DIY solutions and store-bought products also aren’t guaranteed to work, either. For total protection from the nastiness and danger cockroaches can cause, you should turn to Accurate Termite & Pest Solutions.... Read More

a bed bg infesttaion on a box spring

The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your Humboldt County Home


When we think of pest problems that are the hardest to control, we tend to think of cockroaches as resistant to many extermination products or rodents that breed quickly and stick to the hard-to-reach areas of a home. Learning how to spot the signs of bed bugs and call in the experts right away will help you stay protected from these nightmare pests.... Read More

a mouse crawling a chewing through wires

The Complete Guide For Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Eureka Home


Dealing with any kind of pest in your Eureka home can be difficult and frustrating, but one of the worst to encounter are rodents. Mice and rats are common household pests in our area, and while they might seem small and relatively harmless, they pose many risks and problems. ... Read More

a spider hanging from a web

What Humboldt County Residents Ought To Know About Effective Spider Control


Whether you’re afraid of them or not, spiders aren’t a welcome sight inside your home or business. Not only are the creepy critters gross to look at, their presence often indicates a larger and potentially more dangerous pest infestation. Therefore, to get rid of spiders, you have to get rid of the insects they eat as well... Read More

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