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a norway rat eating outside of a pantry

Eureka Homeowners' Guide To Rat Control


Eureka, California is a beautiful place. The gorgeous ocean views, the majestic mountain scenes, and the commingling of city life with country charm makes this city a wonderful place to live. In spite of its beauty, however, it’s still plagued with an ancient pest - rats.... Read More

a resturant in eureka california protected against cockroach infestations

Why German Cockroaches Love Eureka Restaurants 


A trip to a restaurant is simple. All a person has to do is show up. And it's the same story for cockroaches. All they have to do is show up in your restaurant and wait for someone to drop some food. Of course, cockroaches are not the only pest threatening your restaurant, but they are on the top of the list of pests that could get you shut down.... Read More

One of many bed bugs contaminating a eureka mattress

Don’t Let Holiday Guests Bring Bed Bugs to Your Eureka Home


Holidays are the perfect time to enjoy the company of friends and family, but sometimes they bring unexpected "gifts" when they visit. Bed bugs are tiny, resilient hitchhikers that travel by clinging onto fabric. They can travel great distances to reach your festive home, and they will always overstay their invitation. ... Read More

a small but very hungry house mouse raiding the food pantry to store in the walls of a eayeka california home

Preventing Rodent Guests This Winter 


If you haven’t guessed by now, the subject in this story is a mouse, a tiny, cute, but extremely frustrating pest to deal with in a home. Just like other rodents, mice squeeze in or sometimes chew their way into homes around this of the year, bringing sickness and property damage, definitely not a guest you want around through the winter.... Read More

a house mouse crawling through the draining whole of an upside down flowerpot in an eureka home

What Attracts Mice In Your Eureka Home?


For some people, it can be hard to consider mice as pests. After all, how can the adorable furry rodents you see running on wheels at the local pet store ever be any trouble? The reality is that mice, when contained, can be fun household pets. They do not, however, keep their “fun” appeal when they are roaming free inside your attic and wall voids.... Read More

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